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Working from home everyday feels like a dream at first  But when loneliness, & solitude sets in it can quickly become a nightmare. Due to the novel coronavirus a lot of people are spending their time working from home. It’s great in the beginning but long term there are struggles. 

There’s a lot of tips on the internet about the best ways to work from home so we went through all of them and brought you the top voted tips to make your work from home days calm, productive, and organised. 

Set up a designated workspace

Sure you can work from your bedroom but after working from your bedroom for days and days on end you begin to associate your bedroom with your job. 

It’s important to have a designated space to work because it has a huge impact on productivity. So even if it’s just a desk and a new chair or a divider you can use to separate your job from your regular life. Whatever it is, it’s important to set up an area of your home that you only associate with work to make your work from home days more productive.

Create a routine

Setting up a routine is important to your work from home productivity. The break away from the regular routine from the office could affect your workflow. So everyday set up a routine outline of what needs to get done for the day, when you will take breaks, and when you’ll stop working. This keeps your days feeling organised and not being overwhelmed by work. You can use an organisational app to get your work scheduled the right way.

Move Around

Without the regular commute to get to and from your job you may be spending a lot more time in a chair than you are used to. During your breaks it’s important to get up and stretch, walk around for a bit. Even better, have an exercise routine before you start your work from home days and get your heart rate up. Movement and exercise helps you focus, makes you feel good, and energizes you throughout the day. 


Communication saves relations. That couldn’t be more true than when you work from home. Moving from an office around people to being home on your own can be a large shift psychologically. It can start to feel lonely and boring. So it’s important to communicate. Connecting with your team is important to keep you all on the same page, sane and connected while you’re working from home.

Ask for what you need

It’s important to communicate to your employer about your work from home issues. If you need things from your company to make doing your job from from home easier it’s important to ask for it. Your boss isn’t going to know why you haven’t gotten something done if you never tell them. Asking for what you need is important even if you’re working from the office but it’s more important when you’re working from home and communication is a little harder. At the end of the day it’s important for you and your company that you are working to the best of your abilities. 

Self Care

Self care is giving others the best of you and not what’s left of you. We often obsess about productivity and making sure we are as productive as possible, losing sight of recharging our batteries to keep ourselves more productive. Working from home can make your home become linked to the stresses of your job. It’s important to break up this stress by taking some time to recharge. Exercise, meditate, draw, whatever you need to do to keep yourself energised.

Separate your work & personal life

Setting and sticking to a routine helps you separate your work life from your personal life. However, while you’re working from home it can be hard to disconnect from work and also hard to disconnect from home sometimes. Getting a good balance between work and home keeps you sane. Spend your lunch break speaking to a friend, go for a walk with a housemate. Take advantage of working from home and reinvigorate your personal life. 

Have a morning routine

Pretend like you’re going to your job. Have a shower, put on clothes you like, have your coffee. As much as you can, act like you are going into the office. This is important to keep you energized in the morning and get your mindset ready to start the day. Routine habits keep us engaged when we do something enough times it puts us in the right mindset for the expected activity. 

Have an end of day routine

Same with having a morning routine, It’s important to have an end of day routine. Having an end of day routine allows you to take stock of what you’ve gotten done and make plans for the next day. An end of day routine winds you down and gets you to shut work off and return to your personal life. 

These are our top working from home tips. Do you think we’ve left something out? Let us know in the comments below. 


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