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Desk jockeys, you’re one of us, the unsung heroes of maintaining sanity during the pandemic. I jest, but seriously it has been challenging for us to maintain concentration, productivity and creativity when all you’re doing is travelling two and from your desk and bed everyday with the all too often, occasional stop by the fridge. We found ourselves slipping into bad habits at our home offices, so we stopped, prepared a panel of professionals and started working on what we thought was the best possible way to arrange our home offices.

This article is broken down into 7 sections, each with a product that we know and love and believe to be the best home office setup we can find among the creative team at Hustle Digital.

Home Office Chair Setup: Ergonomic Office Chair with High Back, Adjustable and Mesh Recliner.

Available in white or black, with or without a footrest, this chair from Homefun is sturdy! The mesh seat back is comfy. I like the tall seat back which is tall enough for most people to rest their heads. The assembly instructions are easy to understand and can be put together in 15 minutes.

Ergonomic Office Chair High Back Adjustable Mesh Recliner Optional Footrest (White2.0 with footrest)

Home Office Desk: Simultaneously Large and Small Enough to Fit Everywhere

The MALM (preferably in black-brown because white goes yellow over time) range by IKEA is just the perfect size to ensure you have the depth and width required to have a big desk setup like all home office professionals need but at the same time, not so ridiculously big that it feels like you’re working on a dining table and you need a whole room for your desk.


This desk comes clad with a top drawer, a bottom cupboard and a neat little cable hideaway underneath.

MALM Home Office Desk

Home Office Monitor(s): See things in 4K without the Outrageous Price Tag.

If you’re still working with a 1080p monitor, then start with this. Everything changes in 4K and the LG 27″ Ultra HD UHD 4K IPS Monitor with FreeSync & HDR (27UL500) does it in style and well under the $1,000 mark. There’s one draw-back, it comes on a low stand, so we suggest getting a stand with a vesa mount like this: VIVO Single LCD Computer Monitor Free-Standing Riser with Adjustable Tilt, Swivel, Rotation, Holds 1 Screen Up to 32 Inches (Stand-V001H)

Home Office Computer Setup: The Laptop vs. Desktop Fight. Our professional panel was divided on this one…

Whether you should be using a laptop or a desktop computer for your home office really depends on your workflow, budget and resource demand which all depends on your use of applications.

If you’re like Hustle’s video team, you probably need the power of a dedicated graphics card and desktop-level CPU which is why our content team has a dedicated PC in the office that they connect to remotely.

If you’re like Hustle’s management team, you probably need a versatile set of options that allow you to create on the go when required but have access to everything regardless of where you connect, so you need a robust laptop.

Home Office Computer Setup: Minimum Desktop Requirements... Build it custom...

There are simply too many options for desktop PCs for us to recommend an off the shelf PC for you to buy, however, we do recommend you ensure your system meets the following key requirements for digital professionals:

  1. At least 32GB of RAM – perfect for switching between Premiere Pro, Photoshop and 100+ Chrome tabs. If you need help upgrading your ram, see here:
  2. At least 8GB of GPU RAM – perfect for rendering your videos more quickly.
  3. A recent (last 12 months processor) from AMD or Intel, a Ryzen 5 and up or Core i7 and higher from the latest generation. Note that Intel processors are not necessarily performance kings anymore, they tend to run hotter and are more expensive.

Home Office Laptop Setup: Portability & Power Tradeoff no-more

Our professional panel all used to be exclusively Mac users, in particular due to the previously very strong lineup of MacBook Pros. However, in recent years, they’ve reached performance plateaus, despite the pricing only seeming to increase for more power hungry machines.


Since then we’ve converted to a predominantly Windows office and have bought a range of devices that are fit for purpose. The best of which has been the RAZER Blade Stealth 13. It is built incredibly well, is surprisingly powerful and is perfectly portable for those of our team that need to get out into the world regularly. It’s marketed as a gaming machine, but it’s so much more than that.

Razer Blade Stealth 13 120Hz FHD Gaming Laptop, Black, RZ09-03102E22-R3B1

More… Home Office Laptop Setup: Propping your Laptop up to sit Flush with Your Monitor

Use a laptop stand to make the most of your laptop when it’s on your desk. This laptop stand by Soundance will help you keep your laptop in use while connected to an external monitor. 

Soundance Aluminum Laptop Stand for Desk Compatible with Mac MacBook Pro Air Apple Notebook, Portable Holder Ergonomic Elevator Metal Riser for 10 to 15.6 inch PC Desktop Computer, LS1 Silver

Home Office Mouse & Keyboard Combo: Ideal for Windows and Mac Users

Seriously, you don’t want to miss this combo. We’ve been through a process of finding cheap and expensive mice and keyboards to see what would stand out and have settled on the MX Keys and MX Master 3 combo by Logitech for so many reasons. But there’s really only one reason that stands out to us: this keyboard and mouse combo has the same feels as unboxing that first iPhone: magical.

Logitech MX Master 3 Wireless Mouse – Graphite

Logitech 920-009418 MX Keys Wireless Illuminated Keyboard

What do you do with your Phone when You’re at Your Home Office Desk all Day?

Simple, sit it on a wireless charging stand so it’s always ready with 100% battery, is kept cool by an internal fan that keeps the phone at a nice temperature (despite being on charge all the time, great for battery life) and is fast-charge compatible at 15W.

This Samsung charger is all of that. See below. Don’t ever plug your phone into a charger again, that’s so 2010.

Samsung EP-N5200TBEGAU Standing Wireless Charger, Fast Charge for Samsung and Apple, Black

This was your definitive guide to the perfect Home Office desk setup...

There you have it, the perfect Home Office setup that covers all the bases to keep you productive, engaged and ergonomically comfortable from start to finish. We’ve covered everything from:

  1. Ergonomic Chair for your home office setup
  2. The desk that’s both simultaneously big and small enough for your home office setup.
  3. The computer setup that’s most likely to fit your workload and make your home office setup even more productive.
  4. The home office monitor that doesn’t break the bank but does let you see in 4K, finally!
  5. The most magical home office keyboard and mouse combo; and
  6. What to do with your iPhone so it sits up right in the right home office and is always ready to get on the go!

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