It’s time to become a champion at working from home.

Remember when we went to the office every day? You’d get up at 7:57am, get ready in a rush and be out the door by 8:15…

Doesn’t it feel like a lifetime ago?

Wasn't it hard?

We had YEARS to adapt to that life. Getting into the routine that has been engrained into us.

But now it's changed.

COVID-19 demanded a change that no one could have seen coming.

We started working from home like never before.

We rolled out of bed, put on a put of coffee and doned our slippers.

Opened our laptop on a make-shift desk that sat in our bedrooms and plonked ourselves down to work away.

There was something nice about it… wasn’t there?

But as our backs started to ache and our eyes became bloodshot we realised that this isn’t what we were used to.

That we needed time to our new way of working.

To become heroes of working from home.

This was the experience that lead us to starting this blog.

To share our experiences as we adapted to this new way of working by:

and much much more…

If you’ve found yourself in the same situation then this blog is for you.

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